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Let The Summer Prep Commence: How To Get Your Home Ready

After what seemed like an impossibly long winter, summer is just around the corner. If you’re looking forward to entertaining, socializing and enjoying the warm weather and long, bright days, here are some tips to get your home summer-ready. 

Gardening and preparing your outdoor space

Many of us like to spend as much time as possible outdoors when it’s warm outside and the sun doesn’t set until after 9 pm. The winter months can take their toll on our gardens and it’s a great idea to use the spring to get your yard ready for al fresco lunches, lazy afternoons and hanging out with friends and family. Start by clearing away debris, weeding and mowing the grass. Add color and vibrancy with plants, trees and flowers and think about how you can make the most of the space you have. Even in a bijou yard, you can create distinctive zones to design a versatile, multifunctional garden. Use different materials or split levels to section off areas for relaxing, entertaining and spending time with family and set up a seating area. You can choose from formal tables and chairs, hammocks and floor cushions, rustic benches or quirky hanging seats depending on the vibe you want to channel. 

Getting the temperature just right

We all know that endless days of sunshine can create stuffy, stifling living spaces and bedrooms. If you’re keen to ensure that the temperature is just right when you’re working from home or spending time with your family after work, it’s a good idea to investigate your options now. If you already have AC units, it’s wise to have them checked and serviced before summer begins. You can make use of a 24 hour AC service if you have any issues, but keeping up to date with routine checks should lower the risk of unexpected problems. If you don’t have air conditioning, you could install a new system or look into alternatives like ceiling fans. It’s also beneficial to swap heavy fabrics for lighter materials in the warmer months to keep cool. 

Natural light and summer interior trends

When the days get longer and the skies are blue, it’s tempting to freshen up your decor and try out new trends. In the summer, it’s an excellent idea to try and maximize natural light and to use colors and prints that energize and uplift you. White, neutral shades and pastels are popular in spring while flashes of bright colors are ideal for summer. If you’re keen to experiment with colors, but you don’t want to paint every wall, you can use accessories to lift plain, white walls. From printed cushions and rugs to colored plant pots and patterned throws, you can transform the aesthetic in an instant. 

Summer is on the horizon and what better way to celebrate the imminent arrival of warmer climes than by getting your home and garden ready? Start prepping your yard now, look into options to keep your home cool on hot days and embrace summer interior design trends.



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