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Sanitze with the Coral UV 2

Since covid, we’ve all been extra careful to sanitize.

I recently started using the Coral UV 2: a compact, UV-C sanitizer that provides an easy and chemical free solution for sanitizing and drying everyday items. Most used items collect the most germs but are the hardest to clean (keys, cell phones, makeup brushes). The UV 2 sanitizer is a chemical free solution for limiting germs around yourself and staying healthy. 

Coral UV uses a high energy, artificial UV-C ray that breaks down the DNA of bacteria and germs and disrupts their ability to reproduce. Compared to other forms of disinfection, the Coral UV 3-in-1 doesn’t damage materials over time like steam sanitizers, can sanitize items in as little as 10 minutes, and requires minimal maintenance.

With an influx of UV-C sanitizers hitting the market, there are a few key functions that distinguish Coral UV from other brands:

  • Accreditation & 3rd Party Testing – Coral UV can back up their claims of 99.9% UV-C sanitation with successful tests from accredited institutions. 
  • Minimal design – No one has room in their home for a UV-C sanitizer as large as a mini fridge. Coral UV is a top-open, compact sanitizer that naturally fits in with the rest of your kitchen, vanity, or living room. This helps to maintain consistent use. 
  • Stainless Steel Chamber – Reflective stainless steel ensures the sanitizing UV-C light reaches every corner inside the device. 
  • Drying function – A built in drying function is convenient for items you might rinse off beforehand, such as foundation sponges and water bottles. Coral UV is one of the only sanitizers that has this option. 
  • Replaceable parts – Over a long period of time, UV-C lamps can lose some of their strength. Coral UV has replaceable bulbs included and for purchase on their website so you don’t have to eventually replace the entire unit.

I like to use it for my phone, keys and glasses. I first was hesitant to put my phone in but I had no problem leaving it in for an hour. The iPhone can handle the heat well.

I like to offer using the Coral UV to any guests when they come over. I think we all rather be safe than sorry!

Starting in June, the Coral UV sanitizer will be stocked for purchase at and on Amazon. You can grab it now if you back their Kickstarter!



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