Introducing Cutwater Spirits’ All-Natural & Award-Winning Vodka Sodas

Introducing Cutwater Spirits’ All-Natural & Award-Winning Vodka Sodas

Cutwater Spirits is available in GrapefruitLime or Cucumber flavors and made with all-natural ingredients + real, award-winning spirits they distill. In addition to 18 varieties of canned cocktail, Cutwater also has a stellar lineup of spirits in just about every category.

Each Cutwater Vodka Soda is 5% ABV and completely free of sugar or carbs, with a suggested retail price of $9.99 per 4-pack. Perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a balanced, high quality cocktail with no mixing or ingredient shopping required!

  • Cutwater Grapefruit Vodka Soda – This premium and refreshing cocktail features Cutwater’s award-winning Vodka and soda water with a subtle and satisfying hint of zesty grapefruit.
  • Cutwater Lime Vodka Soda – Sparkling and tart. Award-winning Cutwater Vodka combined with soda water and a hint of lime for a delicious cocktail that’s simple and refreshing.
  • Cutwater Cucumber Vodka Soda – This cool, fresh, and effervescent twist on the classic features award-winning Cutwater Vodka and soda water with a delicate hint of cucumber.



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