Freak Shakes from Cream & Sugar in Bethel, CT

Freak Shakes from Cream & Sugar in Bethel, CT

I’ve always seen the Blacktap Freak Shakes in NYC pop-up all over my newsfeed and I’ve been trying to get in and try, but I failed MISERABLY re: 2 hour waiting line. So when I heard about the Freak Shakes at Cream & Sugar Cafe, I HAD to go.

My friend was the one who pointed these crazy Willy Wonka of a dream sundaes out to me and decided to take me for my birthday. Cream and Sugar Cafe offers coffee, crepes, bakery, and of course the crazy shakes… She opted for affogato… while my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

The cashier was lovely. She guided me through the menu and I ended up ordering a “SMALL” S’more S’more because I wanted a chocolate chip cookie so badly.  I say SMALL loosely because the small is still pretty big.

I couldn’t see where they were making the shake, so when they came out and sang happy birthday and put the shake in front of me, my eyes lit up. Everyone there wished me a happy birthday and then my friend enjoyed watching me eat the shake.

S'more shake

S’more shake

I first started with the marshmallows taking them off the skewers, one by one. Then I went for the cookie part of the chipwich — yum. Then I went and dug my spoon into the ice cream top. EVENTUALLY, I stuck the straw into the shake and waved the white flag…

Spoiler: I did take a lot of the harder parts of the sundae like the cookies and the gram cracker home. It was delicious when I had it for BREAKFAST!

Cream & Sugar

Cream & Sugar

7 P T Barnum Sq

Bethel, Connecticut

(203) 628-7349

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday:  12 Noon  –  9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12 Noon  –  9pm



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