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Dallas BBQ’s Spicy Mango Patron Margarita

I know what you are thinking… FINALLY A BOOZE POST.  It’s totally 5pm right now.

Dallas BBQ is kicking up the heat with their new ~Spicy Mango Patron Margarita!~. YAASS. This is exactly what I need right now with this rainy weather taking over NY.  Top notch tequila in margarita form and the heat. Only for a special limited time, Dallas BBQ will add this drink to its wildly popular Texas-size menu of signature cocktails.

Spicy Mango Patron

The Spicy Mango Margarita in all of its glory!

This tasty margarita offers a new crystal clear flavor of Patron.  The refreshing mango taste is smooth and sweet with light citrus notes of pineapple and peach, derived from 100% mango puree, high-quality mango syrup plus infusions from Monin Gourmet of habanero, lime, and mango.

Topped off with Tajin seasoned salt on the rim, a mix of lime chili salt and sugar that goes intoxicatingly well with mango. This beverage features a “bulldog” and is topped with an icy Corona.  This new drink is guaranteed to spice up your night.

This specialty cocktail will run through the middle of May 2017.

If you are looking for me on Cinqo de Mayo…. you know where to find me. For more information on Dallas BBQ locations and full menu, go to



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