Blood Manor Opening Night
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Blood Manor Opening Night – September 27, 2023

If you are looking to get in the Halloween mood, look no further.

Blood Manor, New York City’s premier haunted attraction just kicked off its 20th year, marking two decades of spine-chilling scares and thrilling entertainment. As the pioneers of the haunted house experience, BloodManor has become a staple in NYC for the Halloween season, delighting and terrifying millions of visitors over the years.

The outside of Blood Manor

Get ready to have your pants scared off. I attended the opening night and it was something I would never expect. The party was rather tame but the actual manor really scared the shit out of me (literally my stomach was a mess the whole night).

In honor of this momentous holiday season, BloodManor has prepared another year of unforgettable theatrical quality production, with three new rooms, all NEW costumes created by the designers of NYC’s ultimate Halloween store, Abracadabra, trained actors, set designers, and make-up artists. This year’s experience will leave visitors more afraid and excited than ever! The 20th-anniversary season will showcase an array of horrifying attractions, mind-bending theatrics, and bone-chilling surprises, ensuring a night of terror unlike any other. The manor itself had different components to it… The beginning was scary with murderous themes to it. Eventually, it was more focused on clowns.

She was so scary

BloodManor’s most infamous and hair-raising attractions have returned to intensify the fear factor. Visitors will confront their deepest fears as they journey through dark, sinister corridors filled with twisted characters and jump scares at every turn. As an industry leader, BloodManor incorporates state-of-the-art special effects, bringing unparalleled realism to the haunting experience. Visitors will find themselves immersed in a nightmare fueled by technology that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Each attraction within the “house” will be based on carefully crafted, original storylines, transporting visitors into eerie and macabre worlds. From cursed mansions to abandoned asylums, every theme promises to invoke terror and adrenaline.

Bring in the clowns

Personally, the scariest parts were the dark rooms and the contortionists in narrow hallways by the ceiling.

The cake at the celebration
The cake at the celebration

Happy Birthday, BloodManor! Just remember if you go, to look arounds carefully before you step…


359 Broadway

New York, NY 10013



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