Biza Cocktails

Biza Cocktails

Not only do these canned-cocktails taste delicious but the founders put their own spin on the canned cocktail craze by incorporating an interactive way to connect the brand to its audience through music, an important element of every celebration!

The name Biza, originally inspired by the internationally known Spanish island of Ibiza is not meant to be a reference to a specific location, but a state of mind. Biza is a vacation in a can. A taste of those special cocktails you can only get from that island mixologist who combines a delicate balance of tropical fruit juices and spirits into uniquely original poolside cocktails. Biza is a reminder of the fun, the music, and the friends and family you shared those unforgettable moments with.

Biza’s curated music playlists are easily accessible on Spotify, and by simply scanning the QR code on every can.  

The flavors match the exotic and tropical music scene of Ibiza. I tried the pomegranate vanilla, coconut pineapple and my personal favorite was the mango jalapeno. All low cal and extremely delish.



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