Green Goo -- The Skin Saver

Green Goo — The Skin Saver

I started using Green Goo by Sierra Sage to help with some of my imperfections (yes believe it or not that I have imperfections) on my face. And all I can say is wow.

The Skin Saver

The Skin Saver

Now I know what you are thinking… How can something called Green Goo be such a beauty must have? It’s called GOO.  Well, I can assure you it’s more of a salve rather than something ewy and gooey. It’s made with natural, organic, pure products and packaged in recycled containers. Put a little bit of this bad boy under your eyes to reduce the puffyness and remove dark circles, while clearing sunspots and sunburns. Skin Repair is also great for any scars and fine lines you may have. If you get a minor burn, just put on some Skin Repair for a quick fix. Known to “make you glow”, this incredibly affordable anti-aging formula is replacing expensive, high-end products by dermatologists around the world.

I noticed a glow the next day after using it the night before. I can’t wait to use more of this product for more amazing results.



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