Bartenders: What to do if you have been laid off

Bartenders: What to do if you have been laid off

SipScience, a national data analytics hospitality company for consumers, bars, and restaurants, announced the launch of a $100,000 Go Fund Me fundraising campaign titled ‘Hospitality Industry Associates Fund’ in support of individuals in the bar industry community who are affected by COVID-19. All proceeds will go directly to The USBG National Charity Foundation which is offering emergency grants to bartenders in need during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Kris Boros, Co-CEO of SipScience, said: “Time and again, hospitality workers welcome us warmly and wait on us at our favorite bars and restaurants, and now it’s our turn to take action and serve their needs. The SipScience team will help our industry in every way, shape, and form to drive relief for those who are affected by this pandemic.”

VIDEO: SipScience CEO, Kris Boros, on News 3 Las Vegas on Friday, March 20

**If you are interested and able to help out bartenders currently in need, you can donate to the emergency grant program here.** Complete requirement details on the BEAP can be found at

About SipScience:

SipScience is a data analytics hospitality company that provides a first to the world picture about what is happening inside bars and restaurants so consumers, alcohol venues and brands can modernize their experience.

SipSciene is slated to launch its official app, Sip, in select cities around the United States later this year. The Sip app is designed to advantage each part of its three-pillar ecosystem of venues, consumers, and alcohol companies by providing real-time data for marketing companies on consumer behavior patterns on alcohol purchases made inside restaurants and bars— all with meaningful perks for the consumer.

About USBG National Charity Foundation:

The USBG National Charity Foundation was sparked into being when a United States Bartenders’ Guild member dared to ask “how do I get out of this industry alive, with my health, a little money, and my sanity intact?” Shaken by this candid outlook on our industry, we committed the Foundation’s mission to advance the lifelong stability & wellbeing of service industry professionals through education & charitable activities.

We at the USBG National Charity Foundation strive to achieve our mission through three programmatic pillars: Social Responsibility  (Health & Wellness: physical, financial, and mental), Community Service, and Philanthropy.



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