7 Effective Ways to Stay Positive while Recovering
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7 Effective Ways to Stay Positive while Recovering

It’s easy to forget about the bad things that can happen. Car accidents, cancer, and Covid-19; these things always seem to happen to someone else. But you can become a victim at any time. But it’s how you stay positive while recovering that determines what happens next.

Recognize Accountability

When a severe injury from a car accident or a fall at work happens, someone must be held accountable. As an employee, your employer has a duty of care to ensure you are always safe. Even a wet floor can cause severe injury, while Covid-19 sanitation is now a necessary aspect of workplace safety. For a civil case where you are not at fault, you need to find a reputable personal injury attorney for hire. However, it’s also possible an incident was your fault. In that case, learn from your mistakes and figure out what you could have done better.

Take Your Time

No matter who is to blame, the fact remains that you are hurt, and you are suffering. You are in physical pain, emotional distress, and you might suffer financial losses. Because of this, you will probably want to get back to work as quickly as possible. But this is a terrible mistake. Although, your employer might push for you to return ASAP for liability reasons. Returning to work is a good thing, but you shouldn’t push yourself. Suffering an injury is emotionally draining and can also be embarrassing. Additionally, you could make healing injuries worse if you strain them.

Ask for Help

A severe injury could hurt you so much that you cannot do basic activities. For example, you may need help getting out of bed or something more personal like washing and using the bathroom. No one likes to be in this position. But you will make it much worse for yourself if you don’t come to terms with the fact that you need help. Family and close friends are terrific when you need them and are always willing to step up, as you would for them. Asking for help might hurt your pride a little, but it’s better than risking more injury and more time away from recovery and work. 

Focus on things that will Help

Staying positive after being seriously hurt or ill isn’t easy. Everyone will tell you to keep your chin up and look to the future. But they can’t really understand until it happens to them. However, there is some truth in this, and you can focus on the things that will help you, such as:

  • Your short and long term plans for recovery
  • How you can use your time off work
  • Make a plan for exercising
  • Learn as much you can about your condition
  • Try to accept your situation

Depending on your condition, you might be bed-ridden or pretty much able to make your way around your home. Either way, you can still accentuate the positive aspects while your mind is free. Try to think about how you will progress past your illness or injury and who you will need.

Work with Medical Staff

Further to who you will need, it’s almost certain you will rely on trained medical staff for most of your recovery. From your initial hospital admission to your end of recovery sessions, skilled and qualified medical personnel will look after you every step of the way. It isn’t uncommon for people to resist medical help at first. But one survey in the UK found that 85% of medical staff have been assaulted at work. The job is hard enough without the added abuse. So, it’s helpful to understand early on that they are there to help and only have your welfare in mind. 

Talk about It

Your problems are your own, and you have the right to privacy. But a tried and tested method of coping with trauma, and tragic experience is to talk about it. Millions of people widely use counseling and therapy to help understand their lives. However, you don’t necessarily need to visit a stranger each week to spill your feelings. If you are fortunate enough to have family and close friends, open up and share your feelings. The closest to you are happy to listen and will offer assistance. And you are more likely to become depressed by keeping things inside.

Use Distractions

Of course, you will need to take your mind off things every now and then. And we all have our favorite distractions. When ill or injured, you may not be as mobile as usual. But technology can come to you. Streaming services like Netflix can be used on almost any device such as your phone, tablet, and video games console. Additionally, video games will help keep your mind focused and entertained. Puzzle games and action provide hours of fun during times you are consigned to your bed or a single room. 


You can become injured or ill at any time. As unfortunate as this may be, you can use the time away from your routine to help your recovery. You can focus your efforts by understanding fault, and that healing takes time. And don’t be afraid to ask for help and talk it through.



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