Top Tips for Unbeatable Body Confidence

Top Tips for Unbeatable Body Confidence

Body confidence is one of the biggest issues affecting women today, with 91% of women saying they are unhappy with some aspect of their bodies. The way you view your body has a massive impact on your overall happiness and wellbeing, so it is vital to maintain a healthy relationship with your appearance.

If you feel your body confidence could do with a boost, there are many ways to do so. And the good news is you don’t need to change your body. You just need to change the way you look at it.

Here are some top tips to kickstart your body confidence.

  1. Focus on the positives

It’s easy to narrow in on the things you don’t like and blow them out of proportion. But how often do you think about the positives? For every feature you don’t like about your body, find three that you do, and focus on those instead. Try writing them on Post-It notes and sticking them to the mirror for some regular positive affirmation throughout your day.

  1. Be your own best friend

When your negative voice kicks in, ask yourself: “Would my best friend say these things about me?” Of course not, so why say them about yourself? Give yourself the respect you deserve. When you feel the urge to indulge in negative self-talk, stop it in its tracks and compliment yourself instead.

  1. Give social media a break

One of the most important mantras to remember is that social media is not real life. Social media is designed to show off the very best of people. Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram can feel like being bombarded with pictures of beautiful, confident people. It can be harmful to your self-esteem and body confidence in large doses. Limit the amount of time you spend online each day and focus on yourself.

  1. Look after yourself

A poor relationship with your body can lead to a negative thought cycle. View your body negatively, and you will treat it as such. But be kind to your body, and you may grow to love it. Take some time out of your day to pamper yourself. Perhaps treat yourself to a massage or a relaxing bath. Maybe paint your nails or do something different with your hair. Find something that makes you feel positive about your body and try to incorporate it into your life.

Professional life coach Jacqueline Hurst says, “as soon as you learn that body confidence comes not from your figure, but from your thoughts, you’re halfway there.” Growing your body confidence is a mental journey rather than a physical one. 

What if you do want to make a change?

There should be no pressure to change your appearance at all. It is much better to learn to love yourself for who you are than to feel like you have to change some aspect of your body. But if you do decide you want to make a change to your appearance, make sure you are confident in your decision. Take some time to think about it. Do your research and weigh up all the options. There is lots of information about cosmetic procedures out there. Whatever you are considering, there are tons of articles and videos about breast implant surgery, liposuction, and other procedures. But only do this if you are 100% sure.

Although it may seem hard now, you can learn to love your body. If you find yourself struggling with low self-esteem, you may wish to seek professional help.



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