4 New Ways To Think About Beauty

There are many ways to think about your beauty and how it’s applied from day to day. But actually, beauty isn’t ‘applied’ necessarily. It’s already there. The multi-billion-dollar beauty industry may confuse you in this respect, but often, beauty products are there to help you shine as you, not to pose as someone else.

For this reason, sometimes it can be felt that beauty and beauty maintenance is some disembodied practice rather than something we do for and thanks to ourselves. In this light, we may realize that taking a new approach towards beauty is needed, and even healthy. In this post, we hope to help you consider four new ways to think about beauty, what that could imply, and what their consequences could be.

After all, beauty is nothing if it’s not intricately tied to health, both physical and mental. You don’t have to be the perfect specimen to be beautiful, but it can be healthy to realize that beauty is much more than applying the right foundation to your face. Let’s consider what that may mean going forward:

Caring For Our Health

It’s important to remember that beauty is maximized when we’re making the most of ourselves, instead of forcing ourselves to fit an external standard. In the same way, it’s important to think about making the most of every virtue and potential benefit you have, and of course, your health is certainly part of that.

While people can look beautiful at any size or shape, it’s important to note that caring for your health and making good decisions, even lightly (but regularly) can have a major boost. Exercising, getting enough sleep, eating well and hydrating properly can really help your skin glow, and it will help you feel more energetic and enthusiastic each and every day. Caring for our health can also be achieved via making sure we use beauty products that fit our own requirements, such as making sure we have a solid skincare routine, and that we use sensitive skin products should we need them.

Focusing on your health can make a tremendously beneficial difference in terms of how radiant you feel, and that will almost always translate to how gorgeous you feel on the outside, beauty products or no beauty products.

Self-Esteem & Beauty

Self-esteem is a big part of beauty and feeling your most well-put-together. Why is this? Well, quite simply, when you look good, you feel good, but also, when you feel good, you look good.

Think about how magnetic many catwalk models are. Sure, they’re beautiful in their own right, but it’s also true that they wear the latest styles with a sense of sassy confidence that helps them look good in even experimental (and sometimes amusingly out-there) styles.

Does that mean you have to be as curated as a Victoria’s Secret model to think you hav any right to self-esteem? Of course not. But why not channel your inner confidence as they might?

It all comes via being unapologetic about what you’re wearing and what you deem your style to be. Trying new clothing to help you define your style can be helpful, even if this means sourcing it from a vintage store or apps like Depop. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to wear your hair up but haven’t really had the confidence of doing so, but now you’re throwing that sense of caution to the wind to realize you deserve to feel great no matter what.

You’d be surprised at how effective this is. When you realize you have nothing to prove to anyone, your beauty takes on a new sense of self-determined presence, and this can help you feel radiant no matter how much you curate your appearance each day.

Treatments We Use

It’s important to consider what beauty treatments are right for you. Some people feel that trimming their eyebrows at home is enough, others think that heading to a proper threading service is the best way forward. What might be right for you may not be the same for others, and vice versa.

Furthermore, the treatments you use may be a little different from others. There’s no shame at all in wanting lip fillers or quick injectable treatments to give you a little boost from time to time. Of course, the best way to feel confident in your beauty choices is to consider the kind of businesses and practices we support. For instance, vegan makeup lines are becoming more and more popular in recent times, not just because they are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, but because the effort involved in curating vegan products is much less damaging to the environment.

Regular, Affordable, Unique

It’s important to remember that in most cases, defining your beauty process is a fun experience, something that should help you feel empowered rather than chained to a chore. For this reason, it’s important to measure what beauty treatments you decide to use as being regularly applicable, affordable for you, and of course, unique depending on the companies you hope to support and the routine you feel is most worthwhile.

Many people feel insecure that they’re not using ‘the best of the best,’ be that using cheap brushes for their makeup or simple home hair dying kits instead of having that professionally done in a salon. There’s no shame in this at all. Do what’s right for you. Remember – beauty should never be about fitting an artificial standard or simply going along with everyone else (if this makes you happy, that’s okay too), but in defining how you, yourself, can feel beautiful no matter what.

It’s easy to forget that thanks to the multi-billion dollar industries surrounding beauty and care, this shouldn’t feel like a practice that makes you destitute and feel like you’re not good enough, rather it should be an empowering effort that you can define yourself and experiment with over time.

With that advice, you’re sure to look at beauty in a totally new and even healthier manner.



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