Simple Tips for Taking Amazing Selfies
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Simple Tips for Taking Amazing Selfies

Selfies are a cultural phenomenon. They are now everywhere, and there’s no point in going somewhere special if you can’t take a great selfie of yourself while being there, right? But for all the selfies taken, most of them are laughable. Dark, underexposed, over-exposed, gritty, red eyes, green eyes, and glare. These are the giveaway details of a selfie amateur. You probably get these yourself, but you don’t have to.

You can take selfies that are good enough to wow anyone who sees them. Granted, you won’t be taking Milton Greene Marilyn Monroe photos. Still, you can get a competitive edge over your Instagram enemies with some simple tips. And the great news is you don’t need to spend any money.

Make Sure Your Camera is Good Enough

Of course, the quality of your camera ultimately determines how your photos will turn out. Still, even the best camera can be misused, and the quality of lesser cameras can be improved. Most phones these days come with excellent cameras, even cheaper ones. Google Pixel 5 is the most affordable smartphone with a perfect camera. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best high-end camera phone available.

Use Light Properly

Any photographer will tell you that the correct usage of light is what determines a good image. The word itself literally means “drawing with light.” It is the capturing and processing of light that makes an image possible. One of the best ways of getting a stunning selfie is by positioning yourself relative to the sun. Always make sure the sun is in front of you and never behind. This way, you will get full lighting and reduce glare.

Know the Settings

You must get to know how your phone’s camera works. While camera phones all come with standard features, they’re all different. For example, some use auto-focus, while others allow you to focus manually. You should also experiment with advanced features such as exposure, HDR, and shutter speed. These are some of the essential principles of photography that can take years to master. But most phones are impressive at choosing the correct settings for a given situation.

Ditch the Filters

We all do it, but we shouldn’t. Get rid of filters. Filters will interfere with your camera settings and can ruin the composition of an image. You should also aim to take the best photograph you can with your own skills and settings. You want the image quality to show through rather than relying on gimmicky overlays that, quite frankly, look silly and childish. Whether it’s selfie’s or your new style, let them speak for themselves.

Edit, Edit, and Edit

Of course, you shouldn’t just settle for the final image. It is common practice for photographers to edit their photos using special software to make them look better. Even the world’s best artists edit their pictures. There are all kinds of issues that can compromise the quality of an image. As such, you can adjust lighting level, color levels and remove artifacts using free software like GIMP or industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop.



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