3 Ways To Get Your Home To Reflect You
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3 Ways To Get Your Home To Reflect You

Your home is your personal space. So, no matter what the magazines say, decorating your home is also personal. There is an abundance of wealth and knowledge out around how which color combination to use, how to maximize natural light or lay a room out. But, this information is designed to reach a wide audience and is not specific or personal to you. 

When deciding to complete an interior design makeover it is important to create cohesion between the rooms, so that your home appears well balanced and well designed. But, at the same time, it is important to showcase your personality. This will ensure that when you step through the door you feel comfortable in your own space. 

Here are some ways that you can have that balance of a chic magazine-worthy home that still showcases your personality. 

Comfort Is Key

This is your home and therefore you need to be comfortable within it. There is nothing worse than having a living space that is trendy and has the ‘wow’ factor if you are not comfortable and it isn’t fit for your living purposes. It can be tricky finding the balance of comfort and aesthetically pleasing, but it is doable. Just think at the end of the day you would much rather be able to come home, take your shoes off, and relax on a comfortable swyft sofas. You will always be happier when choosing something that is well designed, luxurious, and comfortable. So, think about what your version of comfort looks like. Consider the material, whether you want leather or fabric or firm or soft and invest it in something just right. 

Cozy Vibes

Your home is a reflection of you. You do not need to follow the trends and have a minimalist home in order for your home to make you feel good. The aim is to create a space that gives off cozy and comfortable vibes, somewhere you want to go and relax and be at peace. This is what will ultimately make this space yours and perfectly unique. Think about what you want your space for if it is a kitchen to host, have social gatherings and make cocktails let that be reflected in your design approach. Match and play around with contrasting colors, use your wine and cocktail glasses as decor and make this space completely personal to you. That doesn’t mean a lot of clutter and your home is a mess but that you are applying a more casual approach to your styling and making your space be one that allows for relaxation for all that visit as well as yourself. 

Little Details

Remember when it comes to styling it is always those little finishing touches and finer details that complete the room. It is also those that allow your personality to shine through. If you enjoy reading having that stack of books by your chair, is not only practical but also brings charm to your place. In addition to those personal touches, opt for patterned cushions, throws, and rugs as a way to bring warmth into your surrounding and add to that cozy vibe.



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