How To Easily Make Cocktails At Home

How To Easily Make Cocktails At Home

More and more people have decided to enjoy one or two drinks at home rather than have an expensive night out. While this would traditionally focus on pre-made drinks, more people are making cocktails at home.

That’s because they can be the perfect people-pleaser if you’re throwing a small party or just having two or three friends over. If you haven’t made a cocktail before, then you might assume that it’ll be complicated.

While it can be slightly tricky, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make a frozen peach bellini or similar cocktail anytime soon. Instead, you’ll just need to know a few simple things.

How To Make Cocktails At Home

What You Need

You’ll need some specific kitchen accessories to properly make a cocktail. Alongside this will be the obvious things, such as cocktail glasses and the ingredients. Outside of this, however, you’ll need a few specific things.

These are:

  • Shakers.
  • Strainers.
  • Barspoon.
  • Chef’s Knife.
  • Paring Knife.
  • Channel Knife.
  • Measuring Cups.
  • Jiggers.
  • Citrus Juicers.

Once you have all of the above, you shouldn’t have any problems making a cocktail at home. It’s worth noting that you may not need to use everything for each cocktail. Instead, you may only need some of them, depending on a recipe. 

How To Mix, Chill, And Dilute

Once you have everything you need, you’ll need to start putting everything together. You might think that that’s complicated. It isn’t as tricky as you would assume, however. There are three essential steps that you need to take:

  1. Blend the ingredients.
  2. Dilute the drink.
  3. Chill.

Blending the ingredients depends specifically on the cocktail recipe you’re following. There should be a specific method to this, which should be quite easy to follow. You can then dilute the drinks by adding some water and chill it by adding ice.

The ice can subsequently dilute the cocktail further, so you should keep this in mind. Thankfully, these steps are easy to follow.

Should I Shake Or Stir?

James Bond famously takes his drinks shaken, not stirred. Knowing which one to go with can be much more complicated, however, especially if you’ve never done so before. That’s because there can be a few factors that weigh in on your decision.

Shaking is often the more effective option for chilling a drink and diluting it. That’s because the ingredients are mixed with the ice much more aggressively. It could cause a cocktail to foam up, though, which mightn’t be visually attractive. Stirring will give you the opposite effect.

When it comes to picking one, you should stir anything that just contains spirits. Shaking should be reserved for cocktails that include juice, eggs, or dairy.

Wrapping Up

While it might seem like there’s a lot involved in making a cocktail, there isn’t. Once you’ve made a few of them, you’ll find that they’ll start becoming much easier to make. Over time, you could even find yourself getting close to being a professional cocktail-maker.

At a minimum, you should have no problem creating some top-quality cocktails for any small get-togethers that you throw. You could even make a large batch for any more significant events, such as parties or celebrations. What’s not to love?



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