3 Alcoholic Beverages That Have Positive Health Benefits

When it comes to alcohol, most people focus on the negative effects of drinking on your health. However, there are a few alcoholic beverages out there with some surprising benefits for your body! In this post, we will take a look at three alcoholic drinks that have positive health impacts when consumed in moderation.

Red Wine

Red wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. It’s well known for its heart-healthy benefits, including decreasing your risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Some studies even show that red wine can help reduce stress levels! Red wine contains resveratrol which works against inflammation by helping improve blood flow around vessels throughout the body, including capillaries within muscles where lactic acid build-up occurs, which is the leading cause of muscle soreness. Resveratrol also boosts brain health by improving memory and cognitive function while preventing neurodegeneration associated with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.

Red wine can be consumed in moderation as a treatment for high blood pressure if doctor approved but should never be mixed with other medications or supplements without first consulting your doctor due to interactions that could negatively affect cardiac health. The alcohol within red wine may even enhance these positive health impacts making it an excellent option for those at risk of heart disease looking to lower their cholesterol levels!

Nitric oxide is an antioxidant that helps improve blood flow and is often found in wine. For the non drinkers, nitric oxide can be supplemented through most supplement companies. Be sure to use an official website when ordering any such supplements and remember to speak to your healthcare professional regarding any supplements you intend on taking. 


Beer has been shown to help improve bone strength due to its high calcium content. In addition, some studies have shown that beer, in moderation, can reduce the risk of heart disease and type-two diabetes due to its antioxidant properties found in hops. Beer is also rich in selenium which helps prevent skin damage from toxins while boosting your immune system!

Beer has been proven to be an excellent option for both men and women when used responsibly. However, pregnant or nursing mothers should stay away from alcohol consumption entirely. There are many variables not yet fully understood about the effects on infants during early development.


Whiskey has been known to have positive health impacts, including reducing the risk of liver disease; boosting brain function; reducing inflammation; not only that, but whiskey may even help you live longer! Bourbon whisky contains antioxidants called “flavonoids,” responsible for fighting cancer-causing agents in the body like free radicals. These same flavonoids may improve blood flow throughout your cardiovascular system by helping relax artery walls and improving their elasticity, making them more resistant to atherosclerosis (the hardening or narrowing of arteries). Furthermore, one study found that moderate amounts of alcohol, including whiskey and other distilled spirits, can protect against heart disease. Unfortunately, the liquids used to mix these distilled spirits to make the popular drinks we know are often one of the bigger culprits to blame for the negative health impacts of alcohol consumption. This is due to various unhealthy additives and, more often than not, high sugar contents.

In conclusion, overconsumption of alcohol can certainly be linked to poor health. However, in moderation, these and other alcoholic beverages have been linked to having several positive health impacts.



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