Fathers + Daughters Cellars 2022 Sarah's Rustic Bubbles

Fathers + Daughters Cellars 2022 Sarah’s Rustic Bubbles

The 2022 growing season started out with a long smooth cool spring. This slow start to the season had us delayed a few weeks behind our neighbors to the south, and the fruit benefitted from an even and slow development. These near ideal conditions continued into the early season providing for great natural development of character. However, in early September, record temperatures hit Northern California accelerating sugars and challenging vintners. Luckily, cooler weather soon returned and even brought some rains to quench the fields. The remainder of the vintage was a return to slow and even development of flavors in the fruit and great vineyard identity.

Produced from 100% Chardonnay grapes, the fruit for this wine was picked early in the morning and transported to the winery where it was pressed directly. Once settled, the wine was allowed to ferment naturally in 100% Stainless Steel Barrels. Once the sugar had dropped significantly, the wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered to allow the yeast to complete fermentation in the bottle. The bottles were then left to finish fermentation under pressure with the process imparting a wonderful effervescence to
the finished wine.

Created in the same style as the previous vintages, this 2022 Pétillant-Naturel possesses grace and refinement that brings it a step above its class: the pallet is greeted with a particularly fine effervescence making this a ‘not-so-rustic bubbles’. A pale pearlescent straw color introduces delicate scents of orange blossom and Meyer lemon. On the pallet, juicy green apple
presides, underpinned by a delicate yeasty quality. Refreshing flavors of honeydew melon are joined by exotic starfruit. A crisp and mouthwatering finish calls for yet another sip.



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