10 Barrel Brewing Company Swill

Fans, rejoice! 10 Barrel Brewing Company is bringing back one of their most requested beers, Swill!

Introduced in 2013, Swill was 10 Barrel’s best selling seasonal, and after a few years hiatus, 10 Barrel is bringing it back by popular demand.

10 Barrel Brewing Company Swill
10 Barrel Brewing Company Swill

Swill is an American Radler— a domestic adaptation of the traditional German Radler style. It is the perfect blend of American Sour ale with multiple layers of citrus.

Swill is the quintessential “grill & chill” sessionable beer at 4.5% ABV. Whether hosting a backyard BBQ this Memorial Day, graduation or July 4th, kicking back on the beach or enjoying après an epic day on the trails, Swill is a summertime staple. This beer is truly delicious. No wonder it is a fan favorite.



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