Review: Giving Business a Social Purpose: How Millennials are changing the way we work- January 17th

On January 17th, I went to the French Consulate for the very first time. It was exciting for me since I studied French for 5 years and learning all the fun and amazing things about the French culture, really made me pumped.  

I was there to hear the Giving Business a Social Purpose: How Millennials are changing the way we work talk from Alexandre Mars. I really didn’t know what to expect.

In less than 3 years, over half of the working population will be millennials. These 18-35 year olds grew up with the idea that the world is in serious trouble and that it needs to be fixed. Looking at the societies in which we live, they see that they are run through by profound injustices and dysfunctionalities and that the traditional mechanisms for correcting these problems are failing.  As a result, millennials are increasingly turning to civil society, both corporate and associational, to demand that actors across the social body assume their responsibility to help others. This expectation puts pressure on corporations that are seeking to attract and retain these youth as employees, customers, and even investors. In this presentation, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexandre Mars explained how corporations can position themselves to embrace this widespread desire for social responsibility and remain relevant.

I found the conversation deeply meaningful and it gave me a lot to think about. We all need to think about the world around us and how we can give back.



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