Lizzie’s Cinnamon Sweet Tea

I recently went to my friend and coworker Lizzie’s 30th birthday celebration! As a parting gift, Jacque, who helped throw the party, gave us the coolest parting gift, a make your own sweet tea set — a Liz staple. The kit included a mason jar, a bunch of sugar cubes, four bags of lipton sweet tea, and a lemon. CUTE, right?

Well you know me — IF it’s drinkable, it’s boozable.  I was like what to do, what to do about this amazing funday Sunday craft that I can sip with my dinner.  I thought VODKA, naturally. I wanted to pair it with my recent prize HEEET, a cinnamon vodka. A great way to FALL up this drink.

SO I went on my merry way and learned how to create a sweet tea that’s more naughty.

Lizzie’s Cinnamon Sweet Tea

2.0 oz HEEET Cinnamon Vodka (1 oz per serving)

1 cup of sugar

3-4 Lipton’s Tea

Lemon to garnish

Boiled hot water

First you boil the water. Once boiled, pour into the container with the cup of sugar and tea packets. Refrigerate until cold. Add vodka to the mix (1 oz per serving) with lemons. Garnish with lemon.

This was simply refreshing. I found the vodka didn’t totally overpower the sweetness of the tea. I definitely plan to make this at my next fall get together.



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