BET Vodka and Cran

There’s nothing quite like a vodka and cranberry. It’s a sweet and easy drink that every bar can do. We like that. It also doesn’t have the frills that the classic cosmo has so it’s not daunting for anyone to order.

My fav new vodka is BET vodka. It is a premium vodka that is delicious, wholesome, high quality, and completely Instagram-able. Rooted in the pioneering spirit of American Sugar Beet connoisseur Henry Oxnard -and cultivated through generations of family farmers – BĒT is the country’s first premium sugar beet vodka born in a Midwest Cooperative, distilled to its essence, and revealed in a beautiful sipping experience made for sharing. With a sweet-on-the-front, pepper-on-the-finish experience, you’ll appreciate greater taste that’s SIMPLY NEAT. BĒT. 

Created entirely out of sugar beets, BĒT warms the body with smooth notes of vanilla – a direct contrast to the typical abrasive rubbing-alcohol taste vodka tends to have. Because BĒT offers a complexity that is rare for vodka, it is versatile – as enjoyable by itself as it is in your favorite cocktails.  

BET Vodka and Cran

1 oz BET vodka
4.5 oz cranberry juice
1 dash Rose’s lime

Fill an old fashioned glass halfway up with ice. Pour ingredients in the class and stir.

Drink up! xo



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