Yebiga Rakija, a traditional Serbian plum brand

Yebiga Rakija, a traditional Serbian plum brandy and the new signature cocktails in time to celebrate. 

If you haven’t heard of rakija before – it’s reminiscent of the rise of mezcal. A spirit that is generally unknown in the US and hailing from the Balkans, but may just be the next big thing because it’s so very special and unique, as well as delicious and true to its roots & tradition, made from hyper-local ingredients from its native country of Serbia. 

Yebiga partnered with acclaimed mixologist Naren Young to curate these signature cocktails that feature Yebiga’s two rakijas – PRVA and BELA. While Yebiga is traditionally served neat, the brand is on a mission to help the US consumer understand the spirit and discover how special it really is. These signature Yebiga cocktails feature the rakija beautifully, showcasing what the product is all about and how it can be approachably mixed by any at-home imbiber. Not only that, but Rakija does have a different taste profile than many spirits out there, and mixing it in cocktails adds a unique signature to any drink.  

It’s bold, versatile and it’s a true discovery and adventure in a glass. 

When you take a look, you may also notice the unusual names of each Yebiga cocktail –and some gorgeous and fun filled cocktail photography incorporating chickens. Both are a nod to the infamous dark Balkan humor used throughout the brand’s entire identity. For example, the ‘We Need To Berry Baba’ alludes to the fact that in the Balkans, rakija can be found at any wedding…or funeral..and that no doubt, Yebiga would be an appropriate way to send off Baba. 

Here’s a little more about Yebiga in general…

Yebiga Rakija is a premium, yet traditional Serbian fruit brandy crafted with centuries of Balkan distilling prowess at heart, honoring passed-down knowledge, the bounty of the land, the plum juice from the harvest and the culture of the Serbian people. It is the first quality rakija brought to the United States by founder and importer Bill Gould, who on his many tours in the Balkans, fell in love with the spirit and realized rakija was overwhelmingly unknown in the U.S. market. This special spirit arrived stateside in 2019 as one of the first, old-world, premium handcrafted rakija brands to ever be exported out of the Balkans. 

Yebiga is one of those spirits that not many people know about but that has shaped the culture of a whole part of the world for the past 800 years. The brand’s philosophy as a company is to honor and respect the old-world tradition of producing the iconic, traditional fruit brandy of the region and its labels retain Serbian-Croatian names, a sense of humor and a stalwart refusal to compromise on quality and ingredients. Yebiga has brought the real taste of the Balkans to the U.S. with two rakijas on the market – PRVA & BELA:

  • PRVA (SRP $38.99) – Yebiga’s first expression to come stateside is a style that favors the Serbian methods of starting with fresh, ripe plums domestic to the region, hand-plucked and barrel aged for 18 months. 
  • BELA ($29.99) – Yebiga’s youngest expression. This rakija is lighter, free of color and finished in stainless steel. BELA is smooth, delicious, and rustic, perfect for everyday occasions and cocktail experimentation. 



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