Wild Basin Hard Seltzer

Wild Basin Hard Seltzer Launches Tea Mix Pack for National Distribution

If you thought seltzer flavors couldn’t get any wilder, Wild Basin Hard Seltzer has news for you: the Colorado-based seltzer company has launched its new Tea Mix Pack, a variety 12-pack including four new seltzers with unprecedented flavor combinations. Made with real tea and blended with natural fruit flavors, the Wild Basin Tea Pack is now on shelves nationwide.

Wild Basin Marketing Manager Sarah Stanoch said, “In our Tea Pack, mango, pineapple, peach and lemonade perfectly complement tea flavors to create invigorating and unique combinations. There’s nothing typical about this tea.”

These refreshing, fruited iced-tea seltzers in four varieties taste like a trailside picnic. Boldly brewed and steeped in flavor, iced tea has never tasted like this. Load up your pack with these intrepid tea flavors:

Mango Black: Hit the trail with juicy, tropical mango, perfectly paired with strongly brewed black tea for fruity flavors and a dry finish.

Tea & Lemonade: The perfect tea-and-tart combination to take you from the front porch, to the golf course, to the trailhead. 

Pineapple White: In search of bubbly refreshment? Look no further than this combination of sweet, ripe pineapple and delicate, floral white tea. 

Peach Green: Herbal, slightly grassy green tea flavors support ripe peach in this spritzy stunner. Your new favorite trail buddy.

At 100 calories and 5% ABV,



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