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Tokaj-Oremus Dinner at Monterey – May 18th

I was excited to join Tokaj-Oremus at their NYC tasting dinner at Monterey. Restauranteurs Simon Oren, Dudi Sasson and Chef James Tracey are responsible for midtown a glamorous bold American restaurant.

There, I was to meet Robert Kindl from Tokaj-Oremus for a very special pairing dinner. Once I got to Monterey, I tried some delicious bubbly paired with some passed-around hors d’oeuvres. My favorite was the ricotta and honey crostini.

Once we were seated, we listened to Robert explain the origins of Tokaj-Oremus and learned about their Hungarian wines. I was so curious since I wasn’t really aware of wine coming from Hungary.

Once we received our first course, Fluke Crudo with creme fraiche and cucumber, we paired it with Oremus Tokaji Dry Furmint Mandolas 2020 and Oremus Petracs 2019. It was a pairing for all the senses.

Next up, we had the Fois Gras Torchen with rhubarb and challah bread. Our fabulous host paired it with the Oremus Tokaji Late Harvest 2021 this sweet wine, match so well with the Fois Gras with apricot, yellow peach, and caramelized pineapple.

Next up was the 5 Putt 2000, 5 Putt 2010, and 5 Putt 2016, paired up with an amazing spicy fried chicken with chili oil and cabbage. It was so awesome with the wine. Progressively through the night, the wine got sweeter and sweeter. It was so delish!

Lastly, we had Nettle Meadow Farm Kunik cheese with challah paired with the Oremus Eszencia 2012. It was so silky smooth.

At the end of the evening, we had a conversation with the chef, who was delightful to speak to. We learned more about his origins and how he came up with this fabulous tasting meal that appealed to the senses.

This was an absolutely fabulous tasting dinner and I’m looking to drinking more of Tokaj-Oremus for years to come!



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