The World’s First Naturally Black Gin

The World’s First Naturally Black Gin

Scapegrace Black comes from New Zealand’s Scapegrace Distillery founded by brothers-in-law Mark Neal and Daniel McLaughlin. They have created such special products over the years that they won World’s Best London Dry Gin at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London in 2018 for their Gold Gin. After years of trial and error, Scapegrace launched Scapegrace Black, a naturally black gin that changes color that sold out in New Zealand in one day.  Today it is available stateside for the first time.

The key to Scapegrace Black is that it is naturally black, using no artificial colors or flavors – no gimmicks here. The master distiller and founders studied the nature of black and came up with a combination of botanicals, using sweet potato, aronia berry, pineapple, and saffron, as well as Butterfly pea flower sourced from Southeast Asia, to give Scapegrace Black it’s gorgeous noir hue and a flavor profile that has wowed bartenders and gin fans worldwide. Scapegrace Black has an exciting nose of pineapple and lemon, followed by spicy juniper. It is a unique gin, marrying a gin-drinker’s love of juniper with something dark, delightfully devious and beautifully unexpected. The sip is full-bodied on the palate, with unctuous pepper and oil, a hint of mint and dreamy undertones of starch mingling with tropical fruits. The finish will give you visions of freshly mowed grass, sweet earth and herbs. The showstopper? When mixed with tonic and/or citrus, Scapegrace Black goes from noir to a light lavender.



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