The Perfect New Mexico Home & Gift company celebrates 49 years

The Perfect New Mexico Home & Gift company celebrates 49 years

Clear Light Urban Farm Store will celebrate its 49th anniversary and debut their brand redesign done in partnership with Sunny505. Our products are perfect for retail spotlights, relaxation articles and highlighting in design forums.

“Clear Light started in 1971 by former owner Joshua Peine. After building a successful acting career in Hollywood throughout the 1960’s and armed with a handful of film and television credits, Peine grew tired of auditions, rejections, and headshots. So, he did what thousands of actors did before and after him, and in1970 he left it all behind. He made his way to New Mexico and the small community of Placitas. Peine began packaging cedar needles from the nearby trees in sachets, as gifts for close friends and family. The demand for his small gifts grew into a business.

One of Clear Light’s flagship products is its Cedar & Piñon Incense, formed out of a day long cooked cedar tea and then mixed with cedar oil and a proprietary gum. The clay-like substance is then run through a mold and dried for four days before it’s packaged for the customers. The incense gained international fame since the Hyatt Regency Tamaya burns it in their lobby 24-hours a day.”



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