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The Free Hand

Let’s talk about rum. Rum is fun! We usually think of rum and associate it with fru fru umbrella drinks but it can be rather sophisticated it you pair it right.

For this drink, I used Equiano Rum, which launched in the UK and the US this year. The launch brought something completely unique & exciting to the category: The liquid is a limited batch blend from one of the best emerging distilleries in the world, Gray’s in Mauritius, and the world-renowned Barbadian distillery: Foursquare. The Equiano Rum Co. brought these two rum purists together to create a 100% natural rum, with no spices, no colorants, no additives and no added sugar. Completely uncompromised, all the rich and deep flavors come from the ex-Cognac and ex-Bourbon casks that the rum tropically matures in, creating an exquisite, modern and matured spirit that is totally unique.

The team behind the multi award-winning Equiano Rum are on a mission to redefine a four-century-old industry by creating unique blends of rum from around the world. Equiano is a never seen before blend of two cultures, two distilleries and two islands making it a perfect collaboration of east and west. The premium-aged rum offers something entirely new to the category, quite simply, this is the world’s first African and Caribbean rum.

First cocktail in the new kitchen
First cocktail in the new kitchen

The Free Hand

2 oz Equiano Rum

1 oz Campari

1 oz Sweet Vermouth

3 Dashfire mole bitters

Shake in shaker.

Made with mole bitters from Dashfire
Made with mole bitters from Dashfire

Voila! Enjoy!




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