The Sisters The Pinot Rose

The Sisters The Pinot Rose

What am I currently drinking is a frequent question I receive. The latest is a New Zealand based wine company, The Sisters. The brand is all about celebrating what women achieve and the girlfriends who lift each other up during those times, especially during our hectic lives.

The Pinot Rose, as the name suggests, is made from 100% Pinot Noir. Delicate pink and with a gentle nose of ripe, juicy raspberries and cream, this off-dry Rosé is very appealing and easy to enjoy. Supple with a tinge of sweetness from the ripe fruit, the palate is seamlessly smooth with lovely red berry characters. This wine doesn’t require food, but is equally as good with light flavored dishes, pizza and pasta, salmon, salads and platters of nibbles. 12.5% alcohol.

When to enjoy This is the perfect barbecue and party wine! Serve well-chilled, kick back and relax!



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