Indulge in a fresh spritz whenever, and wherever you please. The 10ml bottle can be carried in a tote or tucked away for later touch-ups. Ideal for a quick pick-me-up, or mood changer to match any occasion. A great way to test out each unique fragrance.

“Subtle yet addictive scent”

The key to creating a disruptive fragrance lies in the innovative production methods that sets it apart from more conventional perfumes and colognes.

Conventional perfume has a three-layered scent structure called a “scent pyramid” that is constructed with a top note, middle note and a base note.

Base note is very important for enhancing the residual aroma but the scent included in it tends to lead to a strong impression. The layered fragrance is always aiming to enhance the transparency of the scent by omitting this base note while creating a pleasant scent impression. However, it is very difficult to create a scent that has a distinct aroma while omitting the base note.

To reach this balance, each fragrance is prototyped more than 20 times during the production process. Only the scents that the production team feel create a transcendent olfactory experience will be commercialized.



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