Precision Botanical Calm Tincture 750 mG

Precision Botanical Calm Tincture 750 mG

Precision Botanical has built its product line around one truth: That purity and quality are the only ideas that matter when you’re looking for pure and high quality CBD products. They test for 418 chemical markers in every lot of Precision Botanical source material and finished product. They are committed to providing their customers with peace of mind that their CBD is clean and pure. 

The perfect way to add CBD to your daily routine–Precision calm CBD tincture was created to give you a high-quality dose of CBD, and nothing else. Because we remove all the bad stuff, Calm CBD oil has no flavor or color.

Their rigorous commitment to testing has allowed Precision Botanical to be the FIRST CBD BRAND EVER certified for purity by the Clean Label Project. Precision Botanical offers: balms, capsules, gummies and more. 




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