Obvious Wines

Obvious Wines

Obvious Wines is a new collection of sustainable, estate wines with descriptive yet approachable labels used to educate the wine novice’s palate and suggest practical food pairings – is raising a glass to its national television debut on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” last night. On Sunday, January 27, Obvious Wines founder and France-native Brice Baillié presented his start-up company to the show’s impressive panel of Sharks, resulting in a pending deal with Lori Greiner. To celebrate its nationwide TV appearance, Obvious Wines is proud to announce today the release of two additional wines to its growing wine catalogue: No4 Rich and Oaky Chardonnay will be available for purchase in mid-February 2019; and No5 French & Bubble Sparkling Wine.

With its accessible pricing, Obvious Wines is notable also for its unique labels that provide tasting and pairing notes with graphics and symbols. The front label simply talks about the taste or flavor profile of the wine. The back label offers additional information about where the wine is from, the food pairing, and additional tasting notes for more advanced consumers. “Most wines are intimidating to drink because they are targeting the connoisseur,” said Brice Baillié, Obvious Wines founder and CEO. “Our straight-talking snob-free approach has made us incredibly popular across a broad range of casual drinkers, and our modern design and eco-friendly practices have resonated with patrons looking to develop their palate for wine in a more approachable way. I have a feeling this was a main reason why we were selected to appear on Shark Tank and we’re thrilled to spread the word about Obvious Wines on the national stage.”

Obvious Wines collaborates with family-owned wineries in France, California, and Chile to create 100% Estate-grown, sustainably-farmed, and vegan wines that are also sold at affordable price points. Created by reformed “wine-snob” originally from Champagne, France, founder Brice Baillie noticed a gap between an overall growing interest and love for wines, yet high level of intimidation towards selecting and discussing wine. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Baillie moved to California in 2015 to grow his knowledge of the wine industry and cultivate a deeper appreciation for American wines. As his knowledge grew, he eventually left his executive finance position at L’Oréal and started Obvious Wines full time in 2018.

No3 Light & Lively
No3 Light & Lively

The company has added two new wines to its existing portfolio in Q1 2019 for a total of five wines.  The two new wines include:

  • No4 Rich & Oaky Chardonnay: Estate grown and bottled at Miller Family Wine Company in Santa Maria, California. Aged on French Oak. Vegan. $18 retail. 
  • No5 French & Bubbly Sparkling Wine: Grower Crémant from the Loire Valley, France. Extra Brut. Vegan. $25 retail. 

The initial Obvious Wines offerings include:

  • No1 Dark & Bold: Estate grown and bottled at Broken Earth Winery in Paso Robles, California. 51% Cabernet Sauvignon, 49% Merlot. $18 retail.
  • No2 Bright & Crisp: Estate grown and bottled at Villebois Winery in Loire Valley, France. 100% Sauvignon Blanc. $18 retail.
  • No3 Light & Lively: Estate bottled by Trasiego Winery in Chile. 78% Pinot Noir, 22% Tempranillo. $18 retail.

The collection is currently available at more than 170 retailers and restaurants throughout Southern California and online at  Obvious Wines has a 90% rate of recurring orders which reflects consumer enthusiasm and retailer support.



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