NatraCure Intense Hydrating Gel Gloves

NatraCure Intense Hydrating Gel Gloves

 NatraCure was brand built around one simple idea: helping people feel more comfortable. NatraCure Intense Hydrating Gel Gloves is one the ways I am am keeping my hands moisturized during the pandemic.Soothe and soften dry, rough hands, fingers, and cuticles.

The gel lining slowly releases moisturizing oils and botanicals into the skin.

The SmartGel Technology has been tested and certified by leading industry experts for efficacy and quality. Perfect for: Dry, rough hands and for Anti-aging treatments.

I love wearing them since I work at a restaurant where we use a lot of bleach due to COVID. This really helps make my hands feel soft after a long night of washing my hands, bleach and hand sanitizer. $19.99



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