Nakery Beauty: Body Care to Tackle Daily Skincare Needs

Nakery Beauty: Body Care to Tackle Daily Skincare Needs

Nakery Beauty is back with a new lineup of clean, innovative body care solutions, designed to target those pesky problems women deal with on a daily basis. Please see below for the latest launches from the brand and let me know if you would like to receive samples or if you have any questions.

Nakery Beauty Glide & Go Magic Friction Stick

  • Balm-like formula creates a barrier that allows thighs that rub together to glide seamlessly and smoothly against each other
  • Formulated with a unique combination of oils, esters and waxes to prevent chafing of the skin
  • Leaves a non-greasy, silky, powder-like feel on the area that allows a smoother glide
  • Helps promote healing to existing chafe, while preventing additional peeling and dry skin 
  • Contains aloe for additional cooling benefits


Nakery Beauty All-Over Body Magic Dust Body Powder

  • Creates a light, silky barrier for the skin & a first line of defense against sweat  – a few pats absorb instantly into the skin
  • Incredible moisture absorbing power of Kaolin + arrowroot powder, doesn’t just absorb moisture it also absorbs impurities & draws excess oil out of skin
  • Designed for all over the body from top to toe use such as the belly, armpits. Can apply directly to skin, or sprinkle inside clothes or shoes
  • Contains aloe for cooling benefits 
  • No clumps, no strange odor, infused with Nakery Signature Scent! 




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