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Mitra9, a Herbal Alternative for Stress Relief

Kava, derived from the pepper family and sourced from the nutrient-rich volcanic soils of the Pacific islands, is skillfully infused into beverages, offering a herbal alternative for stress relief. What was once a niche drink confined to obscure kava cafes (a mere 40 in 2012) has now exploded onto the mainstream scene, boasting over 400 kava bars across the US. 

Mitra9 Kratom and Kava products are available in conveniently popular form factors including 12oz  Seltzers, 2oz Shots, and powder GoPaks, for on-the-go lifestyles. These refreshing options are offered in a delightful array of sparkling flavors. Shoppers can find Mitra9 at retailers including Sprouts, Murphy’s USA, Lassen’s Natural Foods, 7-11, GoGrocer, Independent Convenience Stores and more. 

It’s perfect after a long day to help destress and it sure help me to fall asleep.



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