MáLà Project x Evil Twin Limited Edition Purple Rice Lager

MáLà Project x Evil Twin Limited Edition Purple Rice Lager

MáLà Project collaborated with Evil Twin Brewing on a limited edition Purple Rice Lager, and it’s now available at both MáLà Project locations. 

The lager is brewed with purple rice, goji berries, and Hersbrucker hops, giving the beer a unique floral taste and creamy mouthfeel, with flavors of doughy malt, subtle citrus, and honey. Although a lager, the flavor profile is much more in-depth than a regular light beer. Evidently, it is one of the best brews at the brewery. The aroma and flavor pair perfectly with Asian cuisine or anything rich and spicy. It can also be enjoyed by itself as an easy beverage.

“Evil Twin has always been one of our favorite local breweries and good friends. When everyone takes beer way too seriously, they have fun with their beer with such playful spirits,” owner of MáLà Project Amelie Kang says. “The collaboration is not just to produce yet another beer. In difficult times like this, restaurants and bars struggle to keep their doors open, and so do we. However, as we try to keep our heads above water, the hospitality industry is all about having fun, loving people, and socializing. Therefore the collaboration is our way of staying sane and staying true to our hospitality spirits even during tough time



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