Make Your Makeup Much More Convenient

We do suffer for our art and, for a lot of people, makeup is nothing less than an art form. However, it’s one that can take a lot of time to perfect and iterate, to the point that some women spend an hour or more in front of the mirror before they can leave the house, nevermind the touch-ups you have to do throughout the day. Here, we’re going to look at how you can make your makeup life a little more manageable and much more convenient.

Know what you can skip

It might sound like you’re playing with some risky business when you start skipping parts of your routine, but it can really shave the minutes off your morning routine. For instance, you don’t need to perform a whole cleanse of your face in the morning. In fact, this can be bad for your skip, by completely stripping away the healthy oils that form on the face and help it retain moisture throughout the day. Instead, simply wash it with water and soap, then apply your moisturizing before putting on your makeup.

Use some multitasking products

One of the biggest problems with the morning routine is just how overloaded it can get. When we have a glut of products in our arsenal, not only does it take time to apply all of them, but it can take time to simply find them. Using makeup trays to organize your stuff can help, but you can kill two birds with one stone by looking for the products that are good for doing two things at once (or can at least be used in a variety of ways.)  Add some multi-use products to your arsenal and your daily schedule will thank you.

Choose longer-lasting products

Are there some parts of your look that you find you need to keep touching and retouching throughout the day? Is it getting a little ridiculous how often you need to take breaks to go check out the bathroom mirror? For most women, lipstick is going to be the common culprit. However, liquid lipstick from Dose of Colors is just one example of a product that can be much longer-lasting, and thus require a lot less micro-management. Look for longer-lasting alternatives to your most pesky products.

Opt for more permanent options

Instead of buying a product that you have to repeatedly use to achieve an effect, it can be more convenient and cost-effective to get someone else to do it every now and then. For instance, getting your brows done by a makeup studio will shorten the amount of time you spend preening them painstakingly before the mirror. Another solution is the permanent makeup pigment treatment that some cosmetic facilities offer, allowing you to make a makeup or color effect semi-permanent on your face.

The tips above can help ensure that you manage your look at expertly as possible, but without having to put as much work in. Learn to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to your makeup.



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