Lord Hobo Adds a New Juicy Addition to Core Lineup

Lord Hobo Adds a New Juicy Addition to Core Lineup

Lord Hobo is proud to announce Juice Lord IPA as the newest member of their illustrious core lineup. With Juice Lord, Lord Hobo has crafted a juicy, 6% IPA that expresses all of the best qualities of the style. Pillowy oats and pilsner malt provide a smooth canvas upon which they’ve painted a juicy and fruity masterpiece. Citra and Huell Melon hops combine to produce an easy-drinking IPA with the irresistible notes of citrus fruits and ripe melon. Lord Hobo President, Nathan Whipple, states: “Juice Lord is a beer made for the modern IPA drinker who appreciates a smooth and sophisticated beer with well-balanced hop character. We are excited to showcase our softer side with this juicy offering”.

In April 2020, Lord Hobo announced a transformation of their logo and a new packaging design for their core lineup. The LHBCo crown transformed and aligned to a more dramatic location on the packaging with fresh bursts of new colors. Juice Lord completes the rebranded lineup, rounding out their hop-focused portfolio. “We had a lot of fun with this brand, bringing a new splash of color to our lineup. We’ve given this packaging more of a 80’s – 90’s feel to invoke an emotional connection to a wide range of our consumer base.” said Marketing Director, Aubree Karls. This beer will be available across Lord Hobo’s entire distribution footprint starting with a package-only release in early March, followed by draft in April 2021.



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