Left Hand Brewing Company Announces 2024 Beer Lineup

Left Hand Brewing Company Announces 2024 Beer Lineup

 Left Hand Brewing Company, one of the original pioneers in craft brewing, has released its 2024 Beer Lineup that leans heavily into the brewery’s strength, Nitro innovation. Left Hand is the #1 Craft Nitro Brand Family* lead by its flagship Milk Stout Nitro.

This year, the spotlight shines on the launch of the much anticipated Belgian White Nitro. This Belgian-style wheat beer is 4.8% ABV and combines the zesty notes of orange peel and coriander with the silky, drinkability of Nitro.

“We’ve consistently led the way in Nitro innovation, constantly experimenting with new recipes and flavors,” said Gary Glass, Head Brewer at Left Hand Brewing. “Belgian White Nitro brings the refreshing and familiar taste of a Belgian-style wheat beer, elevated by the infusion of nitrogen. It’s truly the first of its kind.”

Left Hand also is venturing into the light and fruity realm of Nitro with the introduction of two summer seasonals – Sunkissed Dreams Nitro and Zesty Dreams Nitro. Both are blonde ales; Sunkissed Dreams is infused with guava and mango, while Zesty Dreams boasts the citrusy kick of Meyer lemon.

The brewery additionally is introducing the first mixed Nitro 6-pack. This Nitro sampler will include two, 13.65oz cans of Milk Stout Nitro, Belgian White Nitro, and a rotating Nitro seasonal. This new pack will offer customers Nitro variety, and portable way to enjoy the signature smoothness and cascading pour of Nitro beers.



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