Híjole! Named the Official Tequila of the NY Mets

Híjole! (pronounced ee-ho-leh), the internationally awarded silver tequila headquartered in Tequila, Jalisco Mexico, is proud to announce it has been named the Official Tequila of the New York Mets. Through this partnership, two new Híjole!-branded bars have opened at Citi Field and visitors will be able to order Híjole! Tequila throughout the stadium, just in time for the New York Mets game on Cinco de Mayo. 

At home games throughout the 2023 baseball season as well as other events held at Citi Field, attendees can enjoy Híjole! Tequila at every bar in the stadium and experience Híjole! at dedicated bars on opposite sides of the field. Located at the Porch Presented by Híjole! and behind section 311, the new Híjole! spaces feature custom New York City-inspired murals and spacious bars, where fans can order and drink Híjole! Tequila neat, on the rocks or in signature cocktails, including: The Híjole! Margarita, The Mets Mule, Line Drive Lemonade, Híjole! Rises and The Triple Play.  

“Híjole’s DNA is built in sports and entertainment, so we could not be happier to be named the Official Tequila of the New York Mets and offer fans two new spaces to experience a game or concert from,” said Luis Ortiz, CEO of Híjole! Tequila. “We take pride in creating a high-quality product that reflects our passion for tequila-making, and look forward to introducing it to the fans at Citi Field.”

Crafted with three simple ingredients–Agave, Yeast and Water–Híjole! delivers an authentic and exceptionally smooth, natural 80 proof tequila. As part of the partnership, Híjole! will also be advertised in association with the New York Mets and provide one-of-a-kind promotions, sweepstakes, sampling opportunities and consumption moments for fans. 

Hijole’s partnership with the New York Mets further engrains the brand into the professional sports industry, as it continues expansion into the U.S. In addition to being the Official Tequila of the New York Mets, Híjole! is a proud partner of other national sports teams in the U.S., including: The Denver Broncos, The New Jersey Devils, The San Antonio Spurs and The Henderson Silver Nights. 

For more information about Híjole!, visit, and follow the brand on social at @hijole_tequila



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