HerbalLife Nutrition Bites

HerbalLife Nutrition Bars

So my new office is so pretty, trendy and best co-workers you could possibly wish. It’s just a little far walk for me. I have been giving in to my indulging but I came up with a solution.

HerbalLife Nutrition Bars

HerbalLife Nutrition Bars

HerbalLife Nutrient Protein Bites Variety Pack has been a great way to succumb to my cravings without having the guilt. The variety pack contains 28 individually wrapped pieces in the following flavors: Crunchy Caramel Vanilla, Crunchy Caramel Lemon, Dark Chocolate Coconut, and Dark Chocolate Orange. Pieces have four grams of high-quality protein and no artificial sweeteners. They range from 55-65 calories

I love the crunchy caramel vanilla and the crunchy caramel lemon myself.  Available for purchase $27.15 per box retail



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