Harney & Sons New Athletea
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Harney & Sons New Athletea

I’m all for performance and working out, so when I heard that Harney & Sons was releasing a new line for athletes I was like sign me up. 

Tea bags

Tea bags

The bags are super high end looking and each of the teas are subtle but have great flavor. They are designed for performance hydration and have three varieties including:

Orange Man –  This Blood Orange Tea has been infused with mango and formulated to support an even, smooth boost of energy, electrolytes and a blast of antioxidants.  Get your mind and body ready to work together with balance, energy and focus with this caffeinated fruit tea.
Go to Goji – This Red Goji Tea has been specially blended with attention to anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities, electrolytes and to support quality sleep-all crucial to recovery.
Ger Your Passion Berry – This Passion Berry Tea has been specially blended to support endurance capacity, heighten awareness and deliver antioxidants. No caffeine, just goodness and a dose of get-up-and-go.

My favorite is the Go to Goji. It has a nice bite! $10



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