Hard Chai

Hard Chai

I love chai. It’s probably one of my favorite teas, so it’s a given for me to make a cocktail with it. I love cream liquor so that is a must include.

Somrus Hard Chai
Somrus Hard Chai

The c’ unique Somrus Chai & Mango Cream Liqueurs were inspired by India, the husband and wife co-founders’ home country, and the bouquet of flavors are one-part gourmand, one-part humble homemade touch and one-part global citizen. They have channeled the best of their nation in the hopes of sharing the heritage, vivacity, and mysteries of India with the world. With lower ABV and a light, smooth mouthfeel, these cream liqueurs invite consumers to taste more out of life. That’s why a must used for this delicious drink.

Hard Chai  with a reusable straw
Hard Chai with a reusable straw

Hard Chai

1.0 oz Somrus

0.25 oz Bounty St. Lucia Rum

3.0 oz Iced Black Tea

Mixed ingredients and pour in an ice glass.

Drink up! xo



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