HALO Hydration LAUNCHES 'HALO On-The-Go' Electrolyte Powder Sticks

HALO Hydration LAUNCHES ‘HALO On-The-Go’ Electrolyte Powder Sticks

Struggling with your 8-glasses a day? HALO Hydration just made your life a little easier… Add their newest product, HALO On-The-Go electrolyte powder sticks to your water for refreshingly complete hydration. Available in Pink Lemonade and Lemonade (12 pack/$19.99), HALO On-The-Go makes staying hydrated fun and delicious. Say goodbye to flavorless, boring, H20, that we all know can be challenging to consume. Avoid dehydration as it heats up with HALO On-The-Go – deliciouseffective electrolyte powder sticks that you can add to any drink to boost your hydration levels. Now, you have no excuse to be dehydrated!

Additional Benefits:

  • Low Sugar – only 1g sugar per stick; 90% less than the market leader
  • Immunity Boost – 10x more Vitamin C than the market leader
  • Low Calorie – Refreshingly complete hydration, with only 15 calories
  • Proprietary blend of Natural Electrolytes & Ionic Trace Minerals from the Great Salt Lake of Utah 

Other benefits:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Caffeine Free
  • Vegan
  • KETO friendly

HALO Hydration can be found at or on Amazon and can be found on Instagram with #HYDRATEWITHHALO



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