Gracias a Dios’ Mezcal Mule

I love a good take on a Moscow Mule, but there’s something extra special about one with Mezcal.

When I made this I used Gracias a Dios Mezcal Espadin. I enjoy the smokiness of this spirit. Gracias a Dios crafts premium mezcal and agave gin rooted in family values and Mexican culture. Their Espadin mezcal offers subtle aromas of lemon leaves, herbs, and caramel, with a refreshing herbal palate and hints of anise, ginger, and caramel in the finish.

And now… I know you are looking for the irresistible recipe. *jazz hands* 🙌🏻

Gracias a Dios’ Mezcal Mule

2 oz Gracias a Dios Mezcal Espadin 

1 oz Lemon Juice 

3/4 oz Agave Syrup  

3/4 oz Ginger Juice or Ginger Beer 

Shake it up in a shaker and pour. Garnish either a lemon.

Drink up xo



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