Flower Power Cocktail

Flower Power Cocktail

At the end of this summer, I discovered the best ever gin from Seagrams’. Watermelon infused gin! Yes… It’s a thing!

As America’s #1 Gin, Seagram’s takes pride in providing a robust variety of traditional and flavor-infused gins. This fun new Watermelon expression is the latest extension to its flavored gin offerings, which include Seagram’s Lime, Pineapple, and Peach.

So what can you made with this delicious gin (which I love to sip every once and awhile)? Try a Flower Power.


Flower Power

1.5oz Seagram’s Watermelon Twisted Gin

1.0oz Cranberry Juice

0.5oz Agave Rose Water Syrup

0.5oz Lemon Juice

Build in shaking tin. Shake and strain.

Drink up!



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