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SweatStyle Review

I recently noticed a problem while working out — my clothing. I’ve been losing weight and adding so much muscle that my old gym clothing that I once thought looked great on me, made me look like an old lady. I recently tried Fabletics and thought it was great, but then I ordered my first box from SweatStyle and it blew them out of the water.

Not familiar with SweatStyle? The company was created by fitness entrepreneur, Helena Cawley who also founded Uplift Studios in NYC.   I ordered it the first week of June where SweatStyle first offered stylists to pick their clients’ clothing  that consists of two to three pieces including a combination of tops, bottoms, sports bras and outerwear. Each month, the site will feature four to five curated outfits every month with different looks, different activity focuses and different styles. The outfits can be purchased as an entire look at a discount or any piece can also be purchased separately.

I first filled out a  survey with my sizes and what physical activities I partake in. Then I sat back for a few days until I received my SweatStyle clothing. The actual box itself was very pretty and a light shade of mint green and had silver tissue paper, which already looked better than the Fabletics envelope. I was excited to see what I received! My box consist of two pairs of pants, two tanks, and one bra. Spoiler alert – I loved all of them. I first tried the  Charcoal Ombre Wildflower leggings with the Blue Gabrielle Bra and Nux Kobo Tank. I liked the fact that the tank showed a little skin and I could show off what I’ve been working hard to gain! The pants themselves felt very nice and the bra was so heavy duty that it kept the girls in perfectly (huge plus).

I nexted tried the Glyder Free Flow Tank in white, which was cute but big on me. I paired it up with Brazil Wear Ceci Capri in Hydro Reptile that I thought were super cute. I decided the first outfit looked way better and decided to keep that, so I took the silver envelope providde in the box and sent back the second outfit.

The cool part is there is $20 Sweat Fee will be deducted when you first purchase the box that goes as credit towards any items you purchase and you’ll have the option to apply any gift cards, promo codes, and referral points as well.img_6339.jpg

This is definitely a treat yo self sort of pleasure since the pants I kept cost me $92, but if you find yourself going through yoga pants and sports bras. I put my preferences on to receive a box every 2 months so I can still try the clothing.  SweatStyle brings the quality and style and is totally worth it. Plus I’ll never look like an old lady again in the middle of TRX class. That’s super important!

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