FARMASI introduces PULSE Eau de Parfum for Men

FARMASI introduces PULSE Eau de Parfum for Men

FARMASI is proud to introduce the captivating masterpiece, PULSE Eau de Parfum. Drawing from 70 years of expertise, FARMASI has harnessed its creative genius to create exquisite works of art that are accessible to all. PULSE represents a sensual fragrance that invites individuals to surrender to a symphony of scents, unleashing their inner rhythm. This aromatic and woody olfactory masterpiece intertwines in a dynamic and commanding dance, enveloping the senses in an alluring embrace.

Journey into Harmonious Depths: A Magnetic Fragrance Experience

At the heart of this fragrance, woody middle notes take center stage. The harmonious blend of geranium, lavender elemi, vetiver, and patchouli creates an irresistible aroma. Each note seamlessly merges, resulting in a magnetic Eau de Parfum that beckons the curious soul to embark on a sensory voyage.

The journey commences with a fresh and spicy introduction, where lively bergamot and invigorating citrus intertwine with the warm embrace of pepper and the delicate touch of lavender. As this melodic ensemble unfolds, a crescendo of spicy base notes follows, leaving an indelible impression. Cedarwood, labdanum, and amber converge, embracing the wearer with undeniable charm and unleashing their captivating allure upon the world.



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