French Tuesdays Lovage Rooftop © Daniel Serrette

French Tuesdays “Up in the Air” at Lovage Rooftop

French Tuesdays Lovage Rooftop © Daniel Serrette

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It was like entering an airplane about to embark on the swankiest flight. Bouncers standing at the elevator, which was decorated with luggage, flight attendants greeting beautiful guests while walking around and enjoying the 360º glass-in lounge at Lovage Rooftop NYC. Yes, this was not your average party but a French Tuesdays’ bash.  Have you ever heard of French Tuesdays? Neither had I. Since its inception almost 15 years ago, it has become social getaway from a boring work week. It has opened chapters in most major U.S. cities as well as abroad in Singapore, London, and of course Paris, providing the Y generation with a fun, empowering social event, while appearing in the city’s most beautiful venues. It began in 2003 with a small group of people, including the three-piece suit sporting Pierre Battu, a native of France, and friends in New York who desired a more sophisticated alternative to the nightlife options available. Its aim was to bring a little decadent French fun to New York’s party scene, yet today it boasts over 15,000 members worldwide.

Tonight’s party started at 7:30pm and went through till midnight. Every element had the theatre including sparklers glittering over a bottle of champagne for groups celebrating friends’ birthdays. Photographers scurried the room with cameras while guests made their way to the dance floor. Was this a work event or was this a club, I kept asking myself. A bit of both perhaps but all the more fun.

Our evening’s sponsors included Paris-based XL Airways who raffled a free trip to Paris — full disclosure I did not win, but instead, opted for the endless cocktail supply of Pink Palomas, L’Orange Gin Fizzes, and Cope Perriers, courtesy of Perrier. For the high rollers and larger groups, however, bottle service was available from $110 a pop.

As I mixed and mingled with the beautiful people in dresses and coats (yes they’re formal), I learned more about French Tuesdays and the extent to how it has expanded into a classy social-networking phenomenon and lifestyle brand, offering contemporary men and women an entrée to a network of successful individuals and a world of couture nightlife and entertainment. Each party has a different theme, including the Bordeaux wine-tasting at Splashlight studios, the Paris-themed event at Avenue Bar and the still-buzzing 14th anniversary party, at Zuma.

So what kind of people did I meet? Lawyers, Mutual fund people, artists, publicists… to name a few. They were all very fun, looking to make connections, and having a good time after a dull day at the office.

For more information on upcoming events or membership, please visit French Tuesdays.



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