American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA

Dogfish Head & Grateful Dead collaborate to release American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA

 To celebrate their ‘long strange trip’ together, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and the Grateful Dead release a third iteration of American BeautyAmerican Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA, brought together by Warner Music Artist Services. American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA is an unfiltered IPA brewed with spelt, an ancient heirloom grain that contributes earthy notes and a natural haze, and dosed with a special yeast variety designed to liberate hop aromatics. The result is a psychedelic, 7.0% ABV ale that is bursting with notes of tropical fruit and juicy citrus. American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA will be available year-round in 6pk/12oz cans throughout Dogfish Head’s 45-state network starting in mid-November.

“As a self-proclaimed beer geek with a music problem, I couldn’t be happier about the continuation of our awesome partnership with the Grateful Dead and our collaborative efforts to develop American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA,” said Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head“Just as the Dead say, ‘there is a road, no simple highway’ – our journey to develop the perfect recipe for American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA was a lengthy one, but we ‘put our money where our love is’ and eventually arrived at our flavor destination.”

Inspired by the Grateful Dead’s beloved “American Beauty” album, American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA’s style callout lovingly references the fan-favorite track “Ripple.” To accompany the beer’s new, chart-topping recipe, American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA boasts original, kaleidoscopic artwork featuring one of the Grateful Dead’s iconic ‘dancing bears’ holding a festive balloon adorned with the band’s logo.

Another yummy IPA
Another yummy IPA

Dogfish Head’s relationship with the Grateful Dead began in 2013, when the first version of American Beauty was released in 750ml bottles. This imperial (9.0% ABV) pale ale brewed with organic almond honey and granola was rereleased in 2014 and 2015, each year with different artwork. In 2018, American Beauty made an encore in 6pk/12oz bottles, this time as a more approachable (6.5% ABV) pale ale brewed with granola, succulent wildflower honey and all-American hops. This year, American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA debuts with an all new recipe, artwork and package, 6pk/12oz cans.

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