Dhōs Orange Rickey

Dhōs Orange Rickey

With Dry January in full swing, there are so many great option so you can still enjoy great cocktail without the buzz.

Dhōs is a great alcohol-free option that offers three products – Bittersweet, Gin Free, and Orange. Dhōs is handcrafted in the US at an organic farm and distillery in Sheridan, Oregon. Dhōs has been formulated without harmful contaminants and toxins and is Certified Clean and Pesticide Free by the Clean Label Project.

Dhōs makes it so easy to cut the calories too. It has zero sugar and only zero-five calories per serving! I tried making the Dhōs Orange Rickey, which is truly a treat, especially if you are dieting hardcore this month like me.

Dhōs Orange Rickey
Dhōs Orange Rickey
Dhōs Orange Rickey

2 oz. Dhōs Orange
3 oz Soda
Squeeze Lime Wedge

Build in glass. Add ice and stir.

Orange Wheels

Enjoy this no-alcohol low-cal cocktail! Cheers to keeping your New Year’s resolutions .

Drink up XO!



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